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Today’s guests are Sue and Phil Huber. Phil and Sue have been married 30 years this August but it has not always been a dream – rather a nightmare at times. With listening to good counsel as well as taking to heart the Freedom in Christ principles, Phil and Sue are walking in a healthy, […]

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Alison Cullen: How the Power of Renouncing Can Transform Families

Alison Cullen: How the Power of Renouncing Can Transform Families

Today’s guest is Alison Cullen. Alison grew up in a home where she was exposed to occult practices, but nevertheless met Jesus and became a believer at a young age. She then spent time as a missionary as a young woman with YWAM in Asia and the South Pacific. Alison...

Rodney Woods: Perseverance In Leadership

Rodney Woods: Perseverance In Leadership

Rod Woods and his wife, Karen, moved to City Temple in London in September 2001, after previously serving churches near St. Louis, Missouri. Over the years, Rod has worked with many churches and marketplace leaders, seeking to help them lead more effectively. Rod has...

Matt Massingale: Finding the Root of Sin Patterns

Matt Massingale: Finding the Root of Sin Patterns

Today’s guest is Matt Massingale. Matt is a father, husband, and the recent author of one of our new fee resources “No Power Over Me: Demolishing Satan’s Lies”. Matt grew up in a small town in Louisiana, where he was exposed to some pretty scary circumstances....

What is the Stories of Freedom podcast?

Join Dan Studt, President of Freedom in Christ Ministries, USA, and co-host Abby Batson as they talk to people who have overcome all types of struggles, gained freedom, and found abundant life in Christ. After each interview, Dan and Abby will discuss what Biblical principles are evident in each person’s story and what could apply to your life.

Wherever you are in your faith journey, we pray that these “stories of freedom” inspire you to trust God for growth and transformation that you never thought possible and empower you to discover who you are & what you’re capable of in Christ.

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