Freedom in Christ

Our foundational discipleship course. Several sections are available below.

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March 7, taught by Patricia Tyrell

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 6pm EST, starting March 7

Course Length: Ten Weeks

Book: Freedom in Christ Participant’s Guide

Session 1 – Who Am I?
Session 2 – Choosing to Believe the Truth
Session 3 – The World’s View of Truth
Session 4 – Our Daily Choice
Session 5 – The Battle for Our Minds
Session 6 – Handling Emotions Well
Session 7 – Forgiving From the Heart
Session 8 – Renewing the Mind
Session 9 – Relating to Others
Session 10 – What Next?

March 25, taught by Mark Eshelman

Meeting Time: Thursdays @ 8pm-10pm EST, starting March 25th

Course Length: 10-12 weeks as needed plus a 1/2 day period for a groups Step appointment

Book: Freedom in Christ Leader’s Guide

If you are interested in participating in any of the courses listed above, please fill out this form and the leader of the course will contact you!

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