Get Stronger.

Every church leader is looking for solutions to help people grow in their faith and bear spiritual fruit. Most individual believers have something they need to overcome- something that is often hindering their spiritual growth at any given time. The general programming of the church is challenged to address it because it is different for everyone.

For the Corinthians it was jealousy and strife. But we know it could be anything: bitterness, rebellion, pride, fear, anxiety, depression, addiction and other habitual sin patterns such as pornography etc. Until the individual or individual church identifies what it is for them and appropriately deals with it through repentance and faith, their harmony with God and others, as well as their spiritual growth, will be hindered.

This is where our ministry can come alongside of and support church leaders. We can provide tools to help believers and churches biblically address the things that are hindering growth.


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Freed to Lead

Starting again in January, join FICM staff members Craig Bess and Amanda Thompson along with Pastor Jamesetta Roach and Pastor Jayson Larson in a small group Zoom setting. There are three open sections to choose from:

January 11th Class

January 11 – May 10th (17 weeks)
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM CST on Tuesdays

January 12th Class

January 12 – May 11th (17 weeks)
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CST on Wednesdays

January 13th Class

January 13 – May 12th (17 weeks)
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CST on Thursdays

We do offer some flexibility in that all sections on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday cover the same material so you may attend any class based on changes in your schedule.

Pastors are hurting so badly right now. Most are suffering silently, either waiting “for this season to pass” or holding on as long as possible before finally exiting the ministry. Just reading those words may feel jarring to you because you do a pretty good job hiding that exact kind of struggle. I get it — not too long ago, I was there, too. I was invited into the Freed to Lead course at a time when I was ready to walk away from ministry (I had actually written but not yet submitted my resignation letter to my church). I can’t even begin to describe in this space all the ways this resource has impacted me, but God used Freed to Lead to redeem not just His calling on my life but also my heart. I pray He will do the same for you as a leader who feels worn out, desperate and disconnected or who just feels like you are not experiencing God’s activity in whatever context He has put you in.


– Pastor J

Some of the major topics covered in the course include:

Leading in your context
Building healthy people systems
Overcoming personal and group anxiety
Building and keeping trust
Overcoming personal pitfalls
Overcoming group pitfalls

We ask that you be prepared to read and study one chapter a week in the textbook Freed to Lead by Rod Woods and commit to actively participating in the 90 min class each week.  We do offer some flexibility in that both sections on Wednesday and Thursday cover the same material so you may attend either class based on interruptions in your schedule.

Successful completion of the course includes a day of prayerful examination of your past leadership experience and submitting your future leadership to the Lord Jesus. This extra requirement is truly the greatest blessing of the entire course and will take approximately 8 hours to complete with a prayer partner.

Cost for the course is $75 and includes all the materials for the class, Freed to Lead Book and Participant’s Guide, The Steps to Freedom in Christ, A Warrior’s Prayerbook, 17 weeks of online training and a variety pack of bookmarks.

If you would like to be included in these classes, go to the class’s bookstore page to register. If you have more questions, please contact Craig at craig.bess@ficm.org.

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