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We equip individuals and church leaders to overcome whatever is holding them back from living the abundant life in Christ – and then help others do the same.

Men, Women and Youth leading the way to freedom…

Once feeling defeated but now transformed,

these men, women and youth are free, living out their
identity in Christ and leading others to seek freedom!

Why give? So that Freedom in Christ Ministries can CONTINUE to equip men, women, and youth to lead the way to freedom!

Here is your opportunity to honor those people in your life by giving to our Year-End Campaign!

Five families are willing to match the first $46,000 given by December 15th!

registration is now open for 2023 online classes!

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Choose from Freed to Lead, a 17-week leadership training class focused on learning to lead out of your identity in Christ, identity & remove strongholds, grow in prayer and much more! Or Unraveling the Lie-Knot, a 12-week class for women that teaches you to how to cut through false beliefs about yourself, God and others and embrace the truth of who you are in Christ.

Check back for more classes opening on December 5th like the Freedom in Christ Course, Grace Course, Victory Over the Darkness, and more!


Are you passionate about leading a church or ministry of fruitful disciples that makes a major impact for the Kingdom of God?

Check out TRANSFORM!


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