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Most Christians want to experience the fullness of life that God has for them—a life filled with love, joy, peace, and purpose. Jesus Himself said in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (NIV).

The tragedy is that many Christians are not experiencing this. But they don’t know why or how to change that.

Instead, they feel…

  • Defeated by past or present sin in their life
  • Weighed down by anger, fear, depression, or anxiety that never really goes away
  • Exhausted from trying hard to be a “good Christian”
  • Or held back in some other way

The reality is that you’re in a spiritual battle with an enemy who is fighting to keep you from experiencing fullness of life and becoming who you are meant to be in Christ. And the oversimplified answer of “read your Bible and pray more” is insufficient to bring lasting change.

At Freedom in Christ, we understand that real growth and change can feel like hard work. So much of Christian discipleship sounds like “trying harder.” We get it because we’ve been there. In fact, that’s why Freedom in Christ was founded! Since our ministry began over 30 years ago, we’ve equipped millions of Christians and Church Leaders worldwide to cultivate a lifestyle of unstoppable spiritual growth and maturity.

We offer a unique approach to discipleship based on these 3 principles: Truth, Turning and Transformation. It’s holistic, transferable, and completely based on Biblical truth that anyone, anywhere, anytime can use. Our discipleship resources provide a clear pathway for every Christian to embrace who they are in Christ and deal with whatever is holding them back from experiencing the abundant life in Jesus Christ.

Our process is simple.


Learn the Biblical truths of your identity, position, and authority in Christ through one of our resources.



Go through The Steps to Freedom in Christ, a prayer and repentance process led by the Holy Spirit.



Live free and fruitful in Christ through a practice of renewing your mind and engaging in regular repentance.


To learn more about the Freedom in Christ approach & the resources we offer, click below:

For immediate help with a specific issue, check out our list of YouTube videos that address a wide variety of topics.

Still hesitant? Here’s what people have said about our materials!


“Freedom in Christ has taught me to really look at what God says in his word and to take each thought captive to examine if it is the truth or a lie. I learned that I had a stronghold of rejection… feelings of rejection in my youth, teen years, college and work situations that had become a part of who I believed I was… I had a lens that interpreted many responses and things as rejection. But, I learned that God says I am accepted and loved as his daughter. I can choose to believe lies or God’s truth. This learning has changed my life. The teaching in FIC is powerful, as is the Freedom session. Its so important that I got it started in our church, and our Pastors have taken it and embraced it and woven into their sermons. I believe it is critical teaching for every believer, new or experienced, young or old. Its so good.”
– Brenda, North Dakota


“The resources of FICM are not only biblically sound, but presented in a systematic manner that takes the believer on a journey from forgiveness, to overcomer, to disciple maker. This is material every local church, including ours, needs! Through this ministry, I’ve seen my pulpit teaching and “one-on-one” meetings change. I now encourage the saints to remember who they are in Christ before they try to “walk worthy” of the calling. That is the difference between grace-based truth and law-based behavior modification. The difference is like day and night.”
– Pastor Randy, South Carolina


“I praise God for the clarity and power of the message of freedom as taught through FICM, and I believe it is one of the best, most comprehensive models of building disciples in their true identity in Christ. I praise God for the profound life transformation that He brought to us through this message.”
– Jill, Michigan


“Before going through the steps, I was completely broken, dealing with depression and anxiety. I was told I would never get better without medication. I cried out to God for healing and peace of mind. After taking The Steps to Freedom in Christ, I began to see myself and to live as a child of the most high God. I was not praying as a victim anymore; I was not defeated anymore; I began to see myself as victorious in Christ and to win battles in my mind that I never thought were possible before. In the past, I believed that I had to get used to having nightmares every night and deal with the anxiety because it would never go away, but now I sleep in peace and wake up because my Father sustains me.”
– Ruth, Oklahoma


“We have led many of our church people in the Freedom in Christ classes, from the oldest members (70-90 years old) to young adults. Even the oldest members who have been believers many years were amazed at how this training brought healing, spiritual strength and new understanding.”
– Shirley, Virginia


“One of the hardest lessons to learn as a pastor is how to get out of the way of God. Early on I tried to solve everyone’s problems, throwing verses at them and becoming a private-eye pastor. But that’s not how God transforms lives. God transforms by renewing our minds (Romans 12:2). This is where FICM’s The Steps to Freedom in Christ excels. Many of these people have never interacted with God so personally as they do in the “Steps,” but as they do, God begins renewing them. I love watching God at work!”
– Pastor Kyle, Minnesota

important Disclaimers

  • Freedom in Christ is not a deliverance ministry in the sense that we will not take responsibility for what you must do as clearly outlined in God’s Word. As believers, we are told to humble ourselves, submit to God, and resist the devil—in that order (James 4:6-7).
  • Freedom in Christ does not take second-hand referrals because each person must take personal responsibility for their own freedom. If you have a friend or loved one that you believe would benefit from what we have to offer, please direct them to our website and encourage them to go through some of our material.
  • Freedom in Christ does not offer counseling services. However, our methods are clinically proven to improve spiritual and mental health. If you are seeking counseling for yourself or someone else, we recommend you check with your local Bible-based church for recommendations for Biblical Counselors or Christian Counselors.

*We do not claim to offer a full and complete discipleship training program. Rather, our process offers those who desire to grow in spiritual maturity the knowledge and tools needed to break free from bondage and learn how to live out of their identity in Christ.

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