Sexual Revolution

In 1989, Marshal Kirk and Hunter Madsen published a book entitled; After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ‘90s. They laid out a plan for normalizing behavior that had previously been viewed as deviant. First, desensitize the citizen to deviancy by making deviancy appear positive. Second, make people feel guilty about their perceived bigotries, often equating homosexual and race bigotry. Third, through the media, display as normal that which had previously been viewed as abnormal. Liberal politicians in the United States have made the acceptance of homosexuality and same sex marriage the next crusade for “civil rights.” Equating homosexuality as a civil rights agenda with the struggle for racial equality has infuriated conservative African American Church leaders, as it should.

In the United States the number of Americans who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender is about nine million, according to a 2011 study by a scholar at the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute. That constitutes about three percent of the population, which is not what the public hears. Ten to fifteen percent is what the public is led to believe by the social media. Any sect that constitutes three percent of the population has little or no political clout, but a group of ten percent or more does. I personally believe that the battle is less about homosexuality and more about personal “freedom,” the casting off of social constraints, including any authoritative teaching from the Bible. Liberals will rush to the defense of anyone who is marginalized, excluded, rejected, or even frowned upon by what they perceive to be as religious bigots, even if they disagree with the behavior of the one they are defending. For a good understanding of this cultural shift read Sex and the iWorld by Dale S. Kuehne.

In 1999 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 65 million Americans have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), increasing by 15 million a year. The present CDC Fact Sheet reports that in 2008 there were 20 million new infections with a total of 110 million infected with a STD with 16 billion in medical costs. That is a pandemic!

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