CFMU Coordinator Track

CFM 101, 110, 201, and Practicum

CFMU Coordinator Track

Who’s it for?

Those who want to help others by starting or assisting with a freedom ministry in their church or community. We strongly recommend people go through TRANSFORM before going through CFMU.

What’s the goal?

Designed to teach someone how to set-up a freedom ministry in their church or local nonprofit.

Coordinator Track Includes

Entrance Exam

50 multiple choice/true-false questions over the books Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker.

Self-Paced Video Courses

3 online, self-paced video courses (CFM 101, 110, & 201) presented in an interactive learning system with quizzes and discussion questions.

Course Materials

With registration, you will receive a copy of Victory Over the Darkness, The Bondage Breaker, The Steps to Freedom in Christ, and 3 training manuals—CFM 101, 110, and 201.


3 days of in-person training! Gain practical experience in leading someone through The Steps to Freedom in Christ with the supervision and insight of a coach. Check out our Events page for dates of the next practicum!

course list

CFM 101

Starting and Growing a community freedom ministry

This course provides you with the essentials of how to start and grow a Community Freedom Ministry (CFM). You will learn what constitutes a CFM; how to work productively with church leadership; how to develop a strong, growing prayer base; how to use the training template provided by FICM; and how to develop your CFM organization–building a team and instituting basic administration.

CFM 110

Basic Encourager Training

This course will teach you how to use the Freedom in Christ discipleship tool called The Steps to Freedom in Christ. You’ll learn valuable information about The Steps and how to use it effectively with others. The course is divided into 4 modules. The workbook follows the basic flow of the online training but also provides additional information and resources.

CFM 201

building and strengthening community freedom ministry leadership

Once you have laid a firm foundation for your CFM, this course will help you build and strengthen your CFM leadership team. You will learn to recognize and stand against the enemy’s attacks on your ministry, build a ministry team, resolve team conflicts and more.

All Coordinator Track courses must be taken in sequence.


The Practicum event is a warm, family environment filled with practical “hands-on” training. You’ll build relationships with like-minded people; gain wisdom from seasoned FICM personnel; gain experience taking people through The Steps to Freedom in Christ; develop a clear Plan of Action; and much more! The Practicum cost includes ALL training, materials, a minimum of four meals and plenty of refreshments to keep you focused. Check out our Events page for dates of the next practicum!

Join the network!

After completing the CFM Coordinator Track, you can join the Freedom in Christ Network as an official Community Freedom Ministry Associate (CFMA). There is no membership fee, but great perks. The Freedom in Christ Network provides ongoing encouragement, support, discounts on FICM resources, and more.

Click here for more information!

I loved the thought put into the entire CFMU training process. The online courses were helpful; the prayer support and community of students provided encouragement; and the Practicum brought everything together. I am excited and empowered to move forward with the launch of a Community Freedom Ministry (CFM).

Frequently asked questions

A Community Freedom Ministry (CFM) is a teaching environment of grace and truth, started by an individual, couple or group of individuals under church authority seeking to establish and coordinate a “freedom presence” in their home church or hometown.

This “freedom presence” involves teaching the biblical message of freedom (as taught in Dr. Neil Anderson’s books); taking people through The Steps to Freedom In Christ and; training individuals to use The Steps to Freedom in Christ.

The primary vehicle for training people to build a CFM—a ministry in their church or community—is CFM University. Utilizing the online learning management system “Moodle” students are required to take an entrance exam, three courses (CFM 101, CFM 110, and CFM 201) and also attend a three-day, in-person Practicum in order to be equipped to undertake the development of a CFM, as well as to fulfill the training requirements to become a Community Freedom Ministry Associate (CFMA). CFM University is academically invigorating, visually engaging, and deeply rewarding as the Lord touches students’ hearts through the challenging content and rich relationships developed.

Please go to the Events page  in order to find out the latest updates on Practicum dates and locations.

Yes, there are some great benefits! You immediately become a member of our National Prayer Network; you receive a 30% discount on all resources sold in our FICM bookstore; you receive personal encouragement and ministry support from our Regional Coordinators and Regional Prayer Coordinators; you receive an automatic invitation to all FICM international and national retreats; and much more!

A CFMA is someone who has gone through the CFM University Coordinator Track and completed all the steps necessary to become a CFMA and join the Freedom in Christ Network. This includes an application, interviewand pastor referral. For more information about becoming a CFMA, click here.

This is truly our desire and we hope to receive scholarship funding for this purpose at some point. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer scholarships.

No, but it is the first step. To be part of the Freedom in Christ Network as a CFMA, you must complete the CFM University Coordinator Track, go through a successful CFM Network interview, and receive a positive church leader referral. For more information about becoming a part of the Freedom in Christ Network, click here.

Even though it is our desire to see more Community Freedom Ministries developed across the country, you are certainly free to use this training in whatever way the Lord leads you.

The Entrance Exam is a random sampling of 50 multiple choice and True/False questions that cover the material found in Dr. Neil Anderson’s bestselling books, Victory over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker.

A Practicum is held over 3-4 days beginning in the morning on the first day; concluding before dinner on the last day. Under certain circumstances, the Practicum may be held virtually. Those may be shorter in length, but will still cover all the same materials. If you are traveling by air to an in-person event, we recommend you come in the day before the start of the Practicum. We also recommend not scheduling your return flight until after 6PM  on the last day of the in-person event.

No, you have 18 months from the time you enroll in the CFMU Coordinator Track to attend a Practicum. Check our Events page to find an upcoming Practicum that best suits your schedule.

Just contact the FICM and CFM University office – 865-342-4000 or and we’ll make sure to take care of you!

No. There is no live streaming. You can get online and work any time day or night right from the comforts of home or the convenience of any Wifi Hotspot.

It takes an average person 20-25 hours to complete each class, though it is possible to complete a course faster.

Still have questions?

Do you have questions about the message, method or ministry of Freedom in Christ?

Check out our FREE course CFM 100 to learn more about FICM before signing up for CFMU.

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