It Was Worth the Trip

I was conducting a Discipleship Counseling conference in Mexico. After explaining who is responsible for what, I was invited to have lunch with two professional counselors who were husband and wife. He gave me his business card that advertised his specialty, which was hypnotherapy. He wanted to know what I thought of his approach. I asked him to explain his methodology, because such approaches can be just relaxation techniques, allowing the “client” to feel more relaxed and potentially be more open to share.

After explaining what I he did, I asked, What is God’s role in that process? There was an awkward silence, and then his wife said, I have a different problem. I have been working as a sex therapist for ten years. I have been working mostly with victims and also with the government on sex crimes. I had to quit, because I couldn’t cope any more with all the sexual exploitations that I had to hear again and again. I have no mental peace myself after being subjected to one mental assault story after another.

I told them that they are only half way through the conference, and encouraged them to complete the training by going through the Steps To Freedom in Christ at the end of the conference. Sunday morning I spoke in the host church. After the service they both approached me with big smiles on their faces. He handed me his business card again, but this one had “hypnotherapy” scratched off. She said, My mind is free. Last night I slept peacefully for the first time in years. Isn’t God good?

If I had to listen to people’s stories and never see any resolution to their personal and spiritual conflicts, I would have to change ministries myself. I have listened to some of the worst cases of abuse imaginable, but I have the privilege to see God set those captives free, and that is what stays with me. What is even more important, God grants them repentance that leads to life without regret (2 Cor. 7:9,10).

Dr. Neil

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