Homosexuality is a mental stronghold. It is one of the most difficult flesh patterns to deal with. Were they born that way? No they weren’t. God created us male and female. A DNA sample will reveal their gender. The body is telling the truth, but it was the soul that got damaged, and that can be redeemed.

How did that particular flesh pattern develop? In a large majority of cases, it began with sexual abuse. I personally know two pastors of large churches that lost their ministry due to homosexual affairs. Both were married with children. Both had been sexually abused when they were young. Both had sought help and did not receive the kind of help that would resolve their past issues. So they just privately lived it out until they were exposed.

Others have been raised by abusive parents, overbearing authoritarianism, and poor role-modeling that left them vulnerable to Satan’s attacks. Suppose a young boy sees another boy or man and has a tempting sexual thought. That’s all it is and if it happened once he may simply dismiss it. But what if it happens again and again? He may start wondering, “Why am I thinking these thoughts? Maybe I’m gay?” Chances are nobody has every explained to him the nature of temptation and the need to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. So rather than rejecting those thoughts he starts entertaining them, and that will solicit and emotional response.

That kind of mental assault may continue for years before it is acted upon. He may fight the notion that is he is gay, or wonder if he is. If he decides to believe the lie that he is gay, he will step over the line and probably start acting it out. Now he has used his body as an instrument of unrighteousness and allowed sin to reign in his mortal body (see Rom. 6:11-13). When I shared that process at a conference, a university professor talked to me in private. He said, “That is exactly what I have been going through for years. I have feared that I was gay, but now I know that I am not. Two years later we met again, and he had led 62 men to sexual freedom in those two years. He is now enjoying his relationship with God and with his wife of many years. To learn more read Winning the Battle Within (Harvest House).

Dr. Neil

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