Freedom From Adultery

“I was raised in what everyone would think was a perfect home. My parents were pillars of the church. They were never abusive, mean, or critical to us children. They went out of their way to demonstrate their love and service to the Lord by being foster parents to a total of 15 boys. I was the youngest, and couldn’t remember a day without having foster boys around.”

“When I reached puberty, I was interested in sex like every other boy. My parents didn’t talk to us about sex, so most of what I learned was from a book they had in our home. From that book I learned how to masturbate, and I soon became a slave to it. Then I became a slave to pornography since it was available at any store, and they didn’t seemed concerned that a junior high school boy would be buying it. On the outside I was this Christian kid, involved in youth group, a camp counselor, and a member of the “perfect family.” On the inside I was in complete bondage to pornography.”

“I attended a Christian college where I continued my lustful habits. I married my beautiful Christian girlfriend and everyone thought we were the “perfect couple,” but I still had this private world my wife didn’t even know about. My work involved a lot of travel, which allowed me to carry on my lustful habits. I got closer and closer to the edge of adultery, but I thought I could dabble with pornography and not commit the “big one.” It finally happened, again, and again, and again all the while I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop. I would have guilt and remorse, but never true repentance.”

“Finally God exposed me and I confessed to God and my wife my sexual bondage. I fell to my knees and repented of my sin, and for the first time I felt the love and grace of my Heavenly Father. With the help of your books, Winning the Battle Within, Victory Over the Darkness, and The Bondage Breaker, I was able to find my freedom in Christ. Never have I felt such freedom.”

Dr. Neil

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