Demonic Depression

From a Facebook friend:

I am writing in regards to your seminar in Minnesota. The day it was to start, I was to be admitted to a hospital for the fifth time for manic depression. I have been dealing with this for almost two years. We had gone to several doctors and tried about every drug they could think of. I also had shock treatments. I attempted suicide twice. Unable to work any longer, I spent most of my days downstairs wishing I were dead or planning my next attempt. Also, it was a good place to protect myself from people and the world around me. I had a history of self-abuse. I have spent 30-odd years in jail or prisons. I was a drug addict and an alcoholic. I have been in drug and alcohol treatment 28 times.

I became a Christian several years ago but always lived a defeated life. Now I was going back to the hospital to try new medications or more shock treatments. My wife and friends convinced me your seminar would be of more value. The hospital was concerned because they believed I needed medical help. As the four days of the conference progressed my head started to clear up! The word of God was ministering to me, even though I was confused and in pain. I told one of your staff that I was in my 11th hour. He set up an appointment for me.

The session lasted seven hours. They didn’t leave one stone uncovered. The session was going great until I came to bitterness and unforgiveness. The three things that motivated my life were low self-esteem, anger, and bitterness which were the result of being molested by a priest and suffering from many years of physical and verbal abuse in my childhood. I can honestly say I forgave them and God moved right in lifting my depression. My eyes were now open to God’s truth. I felt lighter than ever before.

I did go to the hospital, but after two days they said I didn’t need to be there. My doctors said I was a different person. They had never seen a person change so fast. They said, “Whatever you are doing, don’t stop.” I have been growing in the Lord daily. There is so much before Christ and after Christ that I could go on for forever.

Dr. Neil

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