The Present Problem

Biblical churches in America have done a great job of preaching the gospel from their pulpits, and many people have been saved. In other words, evangelism has been strong. But discipleship, by and large, has been failing as many of God’s people struggle to move on spiritually. Church leaders long to see their people grow up and mature in Christ but too often it’s just not happening. What’s the problem? There is an overlooked link, a missing ingredient…a bypassed bridge…between salvation in Christ and maturity in Christ. And that is experiencing the freedom that Jesus alone can give. Without discovering the truth that sets us free, we cannot grow to full maturity in Christ.

Most of God’s people are spiritually stuck, running in place – expending a lot of energy but getting nowhere fast. Some are painfully aware of their struggles and yearn to be free from the guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, abuse and addictions that are suffocating their souls. Others are largely clueless … even complacent about their struggles … having accepted as normal a subnormal life in Christ, where faith is lived out on Sunday mornings but is largely irrelevant the rest of the week.

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