Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #14
Steve Goss: Writing the Freedom in Christ Course, Stronghold Busters, and International Leadership

Our guest today is Steve Goss. Steve is the president of Freedom in Christ International and oversees the work of Freedom in Christ around the world. He also wrote one of our core discipleship resources called The Freedom in Christ Course. But before all of this, Steve was a successful businessman who served in his local church. One day, his pastor asked him to disciple a couple in their church who were struggling. Week after week, Steve went through the material with them but with little real progress. The couple was really trying to grasp hold of God’s truth, but they just couldn’t.

Shortly after that, Steve picked up a copy of the book The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson at a Christian bookstore. With the help of his pastor, he took the couple through the prayer and repentance process at the back of the book called The Steps to Freedom in Christ. The couple was dramatically changed, and Steve began teaching the material to others in the church too. What he found was that the so-called “good Christians” also started changing and gaining a new zeal for the Lord.

This was the beginning of a new calling for Steve which led him to open a Freedom in Christ UK office, write the Freedom in Christ Course, and eventually take over leadership of the international ministry 10 years ago. Today, he is passionate about getting the message and materials of Freedom in Christ into the hands of pastors and church leaders around the world. As Steve himself said, “We all need real freedom in Christ.”


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