Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #13
Hannah Marks: Finding Freedom From Anxiety in the Midst of Health Problems

We’re really excited for you to hear Hannah Marks share her story with us on today’s episode. Hannah grew up in the UK as a pastor’s kid, and she gave her life to Jesus at age 7. Eventually, she moved to the States to go to college, and while studying for her Masters degree, she was diagnosed with Graves disease and had her thyroid removed. But that was just the start of her journey with medical problems.

In 2018, she had a stroke and for the next couple of years, Hannah was in and out of the hospital, on multiple medications, and struggling with severe anxiety. It got so bad that Hannah didn’t want to leave her house, and she hit the lowest point she’d ever been at in her life. Although she was walking with Jesus the whole time, she truly believed that God had forgotten about her or that she had disappointed God in some way.

A few months later, Hannah was given the Bondage Breaker, a book written by Neil Anderson, and she learned who she was in Christ, the reality of the spiritual world, and how to deal with her fear and anxiety. Through that process, God set Hannah free from her anxiety. As other health issues have come up in her life, Hannah’s learned that the body can be out of control, but the mind can be at peace. Today, she’s passionate about sharing her story & helping other women like herself learn these powerful Bibilical truths.


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