No Power Over Me: Demolishing Satan’s Lies

An FICM Study by Matt Massingale

No Power Over Me:
Demolishing Satan’s Lies

What is your story? Do you feel like your life is significant? Important? Necessary? My experience has shown that most of us are confused, disoriented, and not aware of the big picture unveiled before us. We were meant to live in relationship with God and others, but somewhere along the way, we lost our hearts and our perspective. We must recover our hearts and fight for the hearts of others. So, I invite you to spend time in this 4-Part Series, No Power Over Me: Demolishing Satan’s Lies. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!

Study Content

There are four studies in this course. Each one builds upon the other and is intended to help you understand your story in light of the bigger picture. Each study comes with a brief video intro, text, and diagrams.

Study 1: Sin Circle Study—In this study, you will graph out your progression or patterns of sin and understand how Satan’s deception and your beliefs influence your behavior. To walk in freedom, we must be aware of how our thinking and past traumatic events shape our world and how we live in it.

Study 2: 15 Pitfalls Study—Understand how wrong thinking leads to the bad behavior and emotions you diagramed in the Sin Circle.

Study 3: Romans 1/Ephesians 4 and 2nd Peter 1 Contrast Study—Understand the devastating long-term consequences of allowing sin to remain in your life.

Study 4: 2nd Peter 1 Study—This study puts all the pieces together by showing how correct thinking and behavior lead to Christian maturity and fulfillment.

The studies come from my interactions with people over the last 3 decades and are a summary of my experiences. My goal is to help you see the big picture and how the enemy has deceived you into believing you are not enough, and you do not measure up. Each study will help you organize your thinking and give light to your journey. It is time for us to rid ourselves from the sins that so easily entangle us and recapture our first love, Jesus Christ. May God bless you as you embark on this journey!

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