Annual Update for CFMAs 2024

To remain active with FICM-USA (administer Steps appointments, access special training, lead courses, keep bookstore discount, etc.) the completion of this form is required. Filling out this form will keep you connected to all that is happening in the FICM ministry and available to others who are seeking personal freedom and/or freedom ministries across the United States. Thank you in advance for taking time to update your information.

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Information about the Church or Ministry overseeing your Freedom Ministry


Active: I am signing the Core Values and Statement of Faith this year, 2024. As I am equipped and have opportunity, I’m moving forward with teaching the FIC message, administering the Steps and training others.

On Sabbatical: I am signing the Core Values and Statement of Faith this year, 2024, but my current circumstances have limited my freedom ministry involvement. I anticipate that I will return to active status within a year of this update.

Inactive: I have chosen to not sign the Core Values and Statement of Faith in 2024. I understand this will remove me as a CFMA and ministry-wide opportunities will no longer be available to me. However, I understand I can become active again in the future by contacting Cindy Bergenback in the main office to initiate that process.

Annual Documents

Please download and review these documents. After doing so, check that you agree, click the reCaptcha and submit this form.

We are thankful for you and your ministry. We appreciate your contact and ministry updates!

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