Register For CFMU

The vision of FICM-USA is to “establish and nurture a growing network of Community Freedom Ministries (CFM) all across the nation…and beyond”! We are so excited for the growing group of Community Freedom Ministry Associates (CFMAs) that the Lord is raising up here in the United States.

But we are asking God for many more! Maybe the Lord is calling you to start a CFM in your home church or hometown. If so, you could become a Member of the CFM NETWORK!

To begin the process of membership in the CFM NETWORK, you need to enroll in the Coordinator track of CFM University. This is an academically challenging and spiritually enriching process of equipping new CFMAs. You’ll be taking two courses (CFM 101 and 201) online as well as some other online modules. Then you’ll be attending a four-day Practicum that will provide you with the best hands on training FICM-USA has to offer…under the tutelage of FICM seasoned veterans!

Once you complete this CFM University requirements and your church gives us their official “thumb’s up” for you to start a CFM, you’ll become part of the CFM NETWORK and all the great perks and privileges of being a Member will be yours!

You’ll receive incredible discounts on FICM resources through our office and online bookstore. You’ll get connected with a growing family of prayer warriors who will pray for you, through our PRAYERLINK. You’ll get an automatic invitation to all FICM national and international events. And much more!

Is God calling you to start a ministry of freedom in your home church or hometown? If so, then enroll in CFM University today. Go to and get started!

If you’d like more information please email

9051 Executive Park Drive, Suite 503 • Knoxville, TN 37923 • 865.342.4000