Advanced Encourager Training (2021.10)

This course is currently being restructured. It is not available right now. We hope to offer the course again in fall 2023 and spring 2024.

Details and costs listed on this page may not be accurate. Please check back later.

Why should I join the Discipleship Counseling – Encourager Training class?

  • Training in how to best administer the Steps to Freedom in Christ
  • Deeper understanding of what discipleship counseling is and how it differs from other types of counseling
  • Understand a wholistic perspective of helping people that integrates the whole person – body, soul, and spirit
  • Investigate how the body, soul, and spirit function together
  • Examine the Theological basis for Discipleship Counseling in Christ
  • Learn the practical aspects of counseling in Christ

Topics to be covered:

  • Biblical balance – general revelation and biblical revelation
  • Defining Mental health
  • Biblically guided Integration of Theology and Psychology
  • Determining who is responsible for what
  • The process of Sanctification
  • Counseling In Christ
  • Counseling the Spiritually Oppressed

Who is eligible to take this class?

Anyone may fill in the online application form. We are tailoring this class to meet the learning needs of individuals who want to have an active role in their church or ministry by discipling people using the FIC approach and The Steps to Freedom in Christ. This class is not for people who want to start a Freedom in Christ ministry in their church or fellowship. CFMU is designed for that purpose.

Weekly Expectations of all participants include:

  • Watching a one-hour long Session from the DVD at home
  • Reading one or two chapters from the Paperback Discipleship Counseling book
  • Completing a set of questions from your reading
  • Participating in a two hour zoom session each week for sharing and discussion

Here are the steps to become an Encourager with Freedom in Christ

  1. Fill in an online application and be accepted into the Discipleship Counseling Advanced Encourager Training Program.
  2. Pass the CFMU entrance Exam over the content in Victory over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker written by Dr. Neil T. Anderson.
  3. Have a personal Freedom appointment with a FIC trained Encourager.
  4. Complete the online Discipleship Counseling classes.
  5. Watch Steve Goss’s online training on Helping Others Find Freedom in Christ: Steps Training.
  6. Serve as an Encourager with a trained Encourager.
  7. Serve as a Prayer Partner with a trained Encourager at least twice.
  8. Attend and participate in all the activities at an in person AET Practicum.
  9. Complete (or have the appropriate person complete) the following online forms:
    • Core Values & Statement of Faith
    • Encourager Application and Interview
    • Reference form
    • Pastoral Questionnaire
  10. Complete an in-person interview at the Advanced Encourager Training Practicum.
The team will notify the applicant if they are accepted within a week of the interview. The FIC office will contact the new Encourager and connect them with their regional team.

Links to materials and forms will be sent to course registrants.


Class Materials

  • Discipleship Counseling paperback book,
  • Discipleship Counseling DVD,
  • Steps to Freedom in Christ booklet

If you already own these materials, cost for the class alone is $25.00.

To bundle the class and material costs (including all the materials needed and shipping), the cost is $110.00.


Be an active CFMA, or:

  • Read Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker by Dr. Neil T. Anderson
  • Complete a 50-question multiple choice quiz over the subject matter in Victory over the Darkness and the Bondage Breaker. We will send you the link to set up your account once you have purchased your materials. To pass, you will need to complete 80% of the questions correctly.
  • Have completed a personal Freedom appointment within 1 year of the start date of the class.

Materials Provided by Leaders

  • Discipleship Counseling Workbook PDF to be used in conjunction with watching the DVD,
  • Questions for Discussion at the online zoom sessions

Class Details


There will be a maximum number of 12 members in the course. 

Class meets weekly for 8 weeks.

It will be offered two different nights a week during the same 8-week period.  We are working across 4 time zones, so we are hopeful one of these options will work in your schedule.

Schedule for 2023 classes coming soon.


To apply to be a part of this class, fill in the application below.

For more information – contact Sharon Chapman at

9051 Executive Park Drive, Suite 503 • Knoxville, TN 37923 • 865.342.4000