Technically, no.  God cannot do anything wrong.  But you had better deal with your bitterness and anger toward God if you want to find spiritual freedom.  Again, since we are dealing with the volitional and emotional dimension of forgiveness in the Steps to Freedom, we often process these feelings toward God in the forgiveness step.  What we are actually doing is being honest about the disappointment and pain we feel in our relationship to God and repenting of our false expectations and wrong attitudes toward God.  Though Job clung to God throughout his ordeal and was emotionally honest with Him all along, the breakthrough for him came with repenting of his demanding spirit and letting God be God (see Job 42:1-6). We try not to get too hung up on exactly how someone expresses this repentance.  We’re sure God forgives someone whose heart is right, but who says, “God I forgive you for…” Whenever possible, we encourage people to use the correct terminology, but the attitude of the heart is the critical issue.

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