The cost for each course is $159.00. Included in that cost are

a. ​ ​ access to the online videos,
b. ​ ​ an online copy of the course workbook/text,
c. ​ ​ a hard copy of the workbook/text,
d. ​ ​ a hard copy of Dr. Neil Anderson’s book “Restored”, and
e. ​ ​ a hard copy of “The Steps To Freedom For Young Adults”.

When you register for a course, hard copies (c, d, e) will be sent to you, and your course confirmation and how to access the course will be emailed to you. If you decide to take both courses and register for both at the same time, your discounted cost will be $286.00. You can either register and pay for both courses initially ($286) or register and pay for each course separately ($159 per course). There is additional cost for the Practicum ($399), required for those who want to become Freedom in Christ youth specialists.

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