Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #3
Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner: Unraveling the Lie Knot of Shame, Depression, and Unforgiveness

Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner is an author, speaker, and teacher with a passion for helping women exchange hurt for hope. After being bullied as a child, Sheryl turned to drugs and alcohol to fit in. But at age 17, Sheryl gave her life to Jesus and found freedom from her addictions. She went on to Bible school, married a pastor, and began leading Bible studies and prayer groups. On the outside, everything seemed fine. But inwardly, Sheryl was stuck in a rut of shame. She couldn’t forgive herself for what she’d done, nor could she forgive others for what they had done to her.

Then, a season of deep depression stopped Sheryl in her tracks and forced her to examine what she really believed about God, herself, and others. Through professional counseling and a Freedom in Christ conference, she discovered the liberating truth of her identity in Christ and made the difficult choice to forgave those who hurt her. She was finally able to receive God’s forgiveness and walk free from the lies she was believing.

On this episode, Sheryl shares her story of transformation—from the bondage of unforgiveness, depression, and shame to the freedom of joy and peace. You’ll also hear her talk about her book, Unraveling the Lie-Knot, which she wrote to help women cut through false beliefs about themselves, God, and their circumstances by embracing the truth of who they are in Christ.


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