Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #8
Sarah Davidar: Leaving Behind a Performance-Based Faith to Embrace Something Better

Our guest this week is Sarah Davidar. She’s a wife, mom, and a leader at her church. Sarah grew up in a Christian home in India and made a personal decision to follow Christ in middle school. From a young age, she loved to share about Jesus with other people, but her faith soon became wrapped up in what she was doing for God. She put tremendous pressure on herself and came to believe that she had to work hard for God to be pleased with her.

Sarah continued to struggle with finding her identity in her performance and seeking other people’s approval into her adult life. But then someone gave her and her husband a devotional written by our founder, Neil Anderson. As Sarah read this book, and a few others by Dr. Anderson, she learned about her identity in Christ and that God’s acceptance of her was not based on her performance. These Biblical truths had such a huge impact on her life that she’s been sharing them with others ever since. If you’ve struggled with seeking people’s approval or any kind of performance mindset in your relationship with Jesus, we believe Sarah’s story will speak to you.


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