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Episode #20
Rachel Kyriazis: How A Young Women Overcame Crippling Anxiety & Learned to Resist the Enemy’s Lies

This week’s guest is Rachel Kyriazis. Rachel lives in Pittsburg and currently works at a non-profit that works with at-risk youth. She met Jesus when she was young, but she began to really struggle with anxiety and hearing voices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing seemed to help, so Rachel lived in a constant state of fear and anxiety. She got to such a low point that believed she was unforgivable and almost lost her faith.

When she found Freedom in Christ materials, she learned how to identify lies and silence the voice of the enemy. These voices still try to speak, but now Rachel knows her identity in Christ and can take authority over the lies. If you’ve ever struggled with anxiety or heard negative voices in your head, this episode is for you. Rachel unpacks what these harmful voices sounded like and how to stand in the truth of who you are in Christ.


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