Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #22
Pati Colston: A Women’s Story of Healing from Fear, Shame and Childhood Wounds

Our Guest today is Pati Colston. Pati is a licensed clinical social worker currently working at a Christian pregnancy center. Pati began a relationship with Jesus after attending Vacation Bible School but eventually drifted away from God. While she did return to her faith as an adult, the brokenness and dysfunction she experienced in her family growing up caused her to believe that she had to be perfect to earn God’s favor. For years, she was trapped in fear and shame, while outwardly appearing to be doing fine.

It wasn’t until the last few years that Pati began to truly experience God’s abundant grace and love for her and find freedom. Being honest with God and getting to the depths of her fear and brokenness was the start of her healing and restoration. Now, Pati’s eager to share about God’s grace with others and testify to the fact that “there are no wounds too big for God to heal.”


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