Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #16
Mary Antony: The Remarkable Transformation of a Skeptical Missionary Kid Who Didn’t Need God

Our guest today is Mary Antony. She’s a wife, mom of 3 daughters, and is passionate about sharing the truths of our identity in Christ with others. Mary grew up as a missionary kid in Mumbai, India. It was really hard for her family to live out their faith in a culture that equated spiritual blessing with physical blessing. Because her family was not materially affluent, Mary doubted God’s love and presence in her life, and she came to believe lies about God and herself. While she kept up the appearance of being a good missionary kid, she became skeptical of living a life surrendered to God.

Mary was determined to take control of her own life. She didn’t want anyone telling her what to do, and she definitely didn’t want to follow a God that seemed like He didn’t love her. Eventually, Mary found success in the modeling industry, but it wasn’t long before this left her feeling empty inside. Then, one night, her life was forever changed when she opened up her Bible for the first time in years. Unbeknown to Mary, her mom had been on a 21-day water fast for her salvation after her mom took hold of her own identity and freedom in Christ through reading Neil Anderson’s books.

On this episode, Mary shares about her powerful salvation story, how Freedom in Christ transformed her entire family, and why she believes every Christian needs to know their identity in Christ and understand spiritual warfare.


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