Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #24
Lauren Boyt: Understanding the Power of Forgiveness and Letting Christ Be Our Defender Scheduled

We have an exciting announcement! Today’s Guest is Lauren Boyt, who will be the new co-host of Stories of Freedom Podcast! Lauren is a recent graduate from Baylor University and is Freedom in Christ’s new Communications and Content Manager!

Lauren grew up in a healthy Christian home. But being the middle of three girls, she began to believe lies that she was not as important as her sisters. The lies of the enemy poured in her whole childhood and by the time she was in high school, she became harsh, angry, and bitter. She set up walls to protect and defend herself which had negative consequences on all her relationships.

Then, her parents introduced her to Freedom in Christ. She finally understood that God is her defender and learned how to truly forgive those who had hurt her.


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