Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #9
Jonathan VerSchneider: How a Teenager Found Freedom From the Need to Escape

Our guest this week is Jonathan VerSchneider. He’s a college student at Villanova University, studying chemical engineering.

Jonathan grew up surrounded by Christianity—his parents were Christians, he attended church regularly, and he went to a Christian school. On the outside, he looked like a Christian, but inside he felt empty. This emptiness led him to try and find satisfaction in other things like fantasy, video games, and pornography. At the same time, he pushed everything good away from him, including friendships. The cycle continued, and before long, his life become solely for the purpose of escaping.

Then came the COVID 19 pandemic and online school. This brought Jonathan to a depth of despair he’d never experienced before. After he got caught cheating on a test his junior year of high school, he broke down to his parents and told them everything that had been going on. During that conversation, Jonathan surrendered his life to Jesus for the first time.

Soon after, he went through the Freedom in Christ course and learned about his new identity in Christ. This helped him overcome old habits of escape and gave him the tools to stop living out of fear and engage with life again. Today, he’s living confident in Christ and building lasting friendships. In many ways, he’s a brand-new person!


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