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Episode #21
Jamesetta Roach: Becoming a Leader Who looks for Validation in Christ Alone

Today’s guest is Jamesetta Roach. She is a Pastor and Christian Counselor in St Louis. Jamesetta grew up in a Christian home and felt a call to ministry at a young age.

She began leading a deliverance ministry at her church, but quickly realized that her efforts were only producing temporary fixes within the members of her church. Then, she heard about The Steps to Freedom in Christ. After going through the Steps herself and seeing the drastic changes in her own life, she brought Freedom in Christ material to her church.

Since then, Jamesetta has witnessed incredible transformation in her church body and seen numerous people experience healing and freedom through Christ. Not only have people within her church learned how to take responsibility for their freedom, but they also have became more connected and unified as a body.

Jamesetta also went through the Freed to Lead course, which helped her throw off the fear of man and become a leader who solely looked to God for affirmation. Today, Jamesetta is eager to share these tools with others and see them embrace their identity in Christ and overcome bondage/strongholds


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