Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #10
Harold Webb: Overcoming Fear, Rejection, and Panic Attacks

Our guest today is Harold Webb. Harold currently serves as the Director of Christian Education at New Community Bible Fellowship in Cleveland, Ohio, where he has been for the past 6 years. But prior to entering ministry, Harold struggled daily with intense fear. After experiencing painful rejection as a kid, Harold did whatever he could to fit in—drinking, partying, girls, anything to protect him from being rejected again. This also developed into a fear of public speaking. Even after becoming a Christian at age 32 and serving as a leader at his church, Harold’s fear would not go away. At one point, he had a panic attack and passed out while he was leading a breakout session at a men’s conference at his church.

Not long after this, Harold went through some Freedom in Christ material. He learned about his new identity as a child of God, repented of past sins, and started to deal with the roots of his fear. Through this process of submitting to God and walking in fellowship with other believers, God broke the shackles of his fear. For the first time, Harold experienced true peace, and it transformed his entire life. Today, he’s passionate about helping others experience this same freedom.


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