Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #4
From Slavery to Freedom: Daryl Fitzgerald’s Powerful Story

Daryl Fitzgerald is a husband, father and proud new grandfather. He’s worked as a pastor, life coach, and speaker. He and his wife Stephanie currently do discipleship training around the country. As a kid growing up in a small town in Virginia, Daryl experienced racism on a regular basis. He developed an inferiority complex, believing that he was worthless and that being white was better than being black. This led him to try to find security and significance in things like girls, partying, and basketball.

Even though Daryl grew up “in” church all his life, it was until college, when he heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, that he gave his life to Christ. A few years into being married, he and his wife started having problems they couldn’t fix. Simply being a Christian didn’t erase the pain they had both experienced growing up. Freedom came through learning about his identity in Christ, the reality of the spiritual battle, and how to truly repent and forgive.

On this episode, you’ll hear how embracing these truths changed Daryl’s life and marriage, and gave him a passion to help others experience their own freedom in Christ. You’ll also hear him talk about writing their first book, From Slavery to Freedom, which came out earlier this month.


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