Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #2
Chauntia Williams: Overcoming Fear, Loss, and Traumatic Nightmares

Chauntia Williams is a wife, mom of two little kids, and a leader at her church with a passion for helping women from broken situations know Jesus. While Chauntia grew up going to church and became a Christian at a young age, she started having traumatic nightmares when she was 11 years old. The nightmares continued into her teenage and adult years, and they intensified after the tragic death of her baby girl. Eventually, she came to understand that they were spiritual attacks. She did all she knew to try to make them stop—praying before bed, sleeping with her Bible, etc—but nothing helped. It wasn’t until earlier this year, when Chauntia had an encounter with God in a Steps to Freedom in Christ Appointment, that everything changed. She was able to resolve the deeper issues underneath her nightmares and experience her first peaceful night’s sleep in 13 years.

On this episode, Chauntia shares her story of finding freedom from traumatic nightmares, fear, unforgiveness, and a distorted view of God and herself. You’ll also hear her talk about how her whole mindset has changed now that she understands her significance and position as God’s child.

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