Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #7
Britni Boyce: A Woman Addicted to Drugs Embraces Freedom Beyond Sobriety

Britni Boyce is an author, speaker, and recovery coach, who runs Level Up Recovery, a faith-based program for those coming out of substance abuse.

Britni grew up attending church on the weekends, but didn’t actually put her faith in Jesus until sixth grade. Sadly, it was actually at church a few years later where she met someone who introduced her to smoking weed. From there, she started experimenting with different types of drugs, and before long, her life started to spin out of control. For the next ten years, she remained in bondage to drug addiction. Although she tried to stop, she just couldn’t get over the addiction on her own.

After a scary experience with a bad batch of heroin, God finally got Britni’s attention. She checked herself into rehab, got sober, and then went on to get her Master’s degree in social work. But even though she was living sober, she was not living free… until an encounter with God while going through The Steps to Freedom in Christ changed that and gave her a passion to help other addicts experience the same freedom—a freedom in Christ that’s better than just being sober.

On this episode, Britni shares her story of transformation—from a drug addiction that threatened to destroy her life to leading a coaching program for people who are “sober and stuck” as she was. You’ll also hear her talk about how anyone can take hold of the abundant life in Christ through surrendering everything to God, forgiving those who’ve hurt you, and living out of your authority and identity in Christ.


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