Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #6
Arlene Boyter: How God Transformed A Legalistic Churchgoer

Arlene Boyter is a wife, mom and grandma with a love for worship and sharing God’s truth with others. Arlene grew up in a very legalistic church environment. From a young age, her perception of God was skewed, and she felt like she had to be perfect to be accepted by God. After suffering abuse from her first husband, she married her childhood sweetheart. But the wounds she received from her childhood lingered, and she ended up having an affair while her husband was away. She asked for a divorce, but he forgave her, and they reconciled their marriage.

Arlene started attending another church and began a relationship with God. But her faith continued to be performance based, and she struggled to grasp God’s love for her. She eventually hit a breaking point and reached out for help. She was tired of going through the motions.

Last year, she signed up for Transform, an 8-month Freedom in Christ program designed to ground you in the Bibilical principles of identity, freedom and transformation. Through Transform, she found freedom from the legalism, rejection and shame of her past and embraced her identity in Christ. Today, she loves telling her story of how God has transformed her life.


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