Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #17
Amanda Thompson: Embracing the Truth of Being Chosen and Loved By God

Our guest today is Amanda Thompson. She serves as a Field Staff with Freedom in Christ, discipling women both locally and around the country through Zoom. She lives in Texas with her husband, Valiant, and her three sons.

Amanda gave her life to Christ at 12 years old, but prior to that, she was abused by a relative for many years. This left her with a deep sense of shame and guilt, and she carried this over into her relationship with the Lord. For 20 years, Amanda tried hard to be a “good Christian girl” so that God wouldn’t regret His decision to make her His child. But that didn’t work. Eventually, in her second marriage, during a season of infidelity and self-hatred, Amanda hit rock bottom and was confronted with the question: did God actually exist? In that moment, she decided that yes, God was real, and since He was real, He must be big enough to fix everything she had messed up.

Not long after, Amanda’s mom gave her a copy of the book Victory Over the Darkness by Neil Anderson, and she found herself crying her way through it as she learned that she was loved, accepted and significant to God. God used this truth to revolutionize her life, marriage, and relationship with Him as he led her to greater freedom and healing. Today, Amanda sees all of life as a journey towards Christ likenesses, and she’s passionate about helping others on this journey, too. Let’s dive in to our conversation with Amanda Thompson.


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