Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #35
Alison Cullen: How the Power of Renouncing Can Transform Families

Today’s guest is Alison Cullen. Alison grew up in a home where she was exposed to occult practices, but nevertheless met Jesus and became a believer at a young age. She then spent time as a missionary as a young woman with YWAM in Asia and the South Pacific. Alison has made her living as an artist/designer over the past thirty six years.

Through renouncing the occult practices of her family, she saw the miraculous healing of her son, and vibrancy brought back to her marriage.

Now, Alison serves in her community as a Young Life leader. She is passionate about mentoring “twenty something” women in her home introducing them to the FICM message. Currently, Alison serves FICM as a member of its board of directors. We hope you enjoy her story!

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