Stories of Freedom Podcast

Episode #19
A GenFree Roundtable: Our History, What’s New, and Why We Care About Helping Gen Z find freedom in Christ

Our interview today was a special one—we didn’t just talk to one guest; we talked to three! Dan sat down with Chris Campbell and James and Melissa Presley to discuss getting the Freedom message to younger generations. Chris Campbell is founder and president of Resolutions Counseling and originally founded and directed Generation Freedom, the youth arm of Freedom in Christ. James and Mellisa Pressley have worked with youth for over 20 years and head up GenFree, which is what Generation Freedom is now called.

Chris, Mellisa and James start off talking about what first led them to get involved working with youth. From there, we cover a wide variety of topics. We talk about everything from the history of Generation Freedom (now GenFree), general characteristics of Gen Z, the new vision of GenFree, how to incorporate Freedom in Christ principles and practices into working with youth, and what makes GenFree curriculum different than other youth curriculum. Mellissa, the Director of GenFree, expresses the heart of GenFree: for young people to be shaped from the inside out, not from the outside in. Their vision is to see young people have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be rooted and grounded in their identity in Christ. GenFree is also committed to helping parents, grandparents, youth pastors, counselors and anyone else working with youth.


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