Leader Name
Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner
Open For
09/09/2021 – 12/02/2021
Meeting Time
Thursdays, 4:30pm – 6pm PST

Last date to register is 9.7.2021 (Tuesday)

— Conducted via Zoom —

Unraveling the Lie-Knot book is required for the book and Bible Study.

Each participant is expected to be prepared for class every week by reading the chapter to be studied, watching the video that correlates with the chapter, and reviewing (optimum would be completing) the Loosening the Lies section at the end of the chapter to be studied. We will be discussing the topics listed below and the Loosening the Lies section as a large group. We will break up into several zoom breakout rooms with 2-3 people per breakout room for prayer to end the class time.

Topics to be covered:

  • Knotted – How Did I Get Here?
  • Tangled – Where Are You God?
  • Snarled – Why Should I Trust You God?
  • Twisted – Why Didn’t You Come Through?
  • Snagged – Does My Life Matter?
  • Enmeshed – Are My Sins Forgiven?
  • Warped – I Don’t Want Anyone to Tell Me What To Do!
  • Twirled – I Don’t Need Anyone’s Help!
  • Loosed – I Can Do This!
  • Freed – Excited for God’s Plan for Me!

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Course Materials

Unraveling the Lie-Knot

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The Steps to Freedom in Christ

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