Leader Name
Ken & Jan Hardison
Open For
09/10/2023 – 10/19/2023
Meeting Time
Once Weekly on Sundays

Experience freedom and find safety in your relationship with God by embracing one fear—the fear of God—and releasing all others. In this course, we’ll discuss the book Letting Go of Fear by best-selling authors Neil Anderson and Rich Miller. Biblically sound and practical, Letting Go of Fear provides clear answers for those seeking information on how to understand and cope with feelings of anxiety, fear and panic. Learn to uncover the path to true freedom by recognizing where your fears come from and how to break their hold on you.

This class is led by trained FICM staff or volunteers and runs for 10 weeks. Participants will be expected to read a chapter in Letting Go of Fear and attend group meetings weekly to discuss what they are learning. This requires approximately a 3–4-hour weekly time commitment. Over the course of the study, participants will work through The Steps to Freedom in Christ.

Some areas covered in the course include:

  • The origin of mental strongholds
  • The nature of anxiety
  • Specific fears, such as, fear of man, fear of failure, and fear of death
  • Breaking strongholds of fear
  • Panic disorders, and more!

Note: At this point, these classes are designed primarily for English-speakers who live in the United States. If you are looking for a class in your country, go to https://www.freedominchrist.org/content/find-your-nearest-office.

Sessions / Meeting Times:


Day of Week Class Time by Time Zone Class Type Class Length
Sunday- FULL 6-8:00 pm EASTERN
5-7:00 pm CENTRAL
4-6:00 pm MOUNTAIN
3-5:00 pm PACIFIC
Co-Ed-FULL Sept. 10-Nov. 20

Price: $49 (Includes all materials)


*Register by August 21, 2023


How to Sign Up

  1. Fill out the Registration Form below and pay the class fee.
  3. You will receive a welcome email with more details from your class facilitator a week or two prior to the start of class.

Course Materials

Letting Go of Fear

Included with registration

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