Youth Ministry

Understanding Generation Z

Discipleship Counseling for Teens

June 2nd Zoom Call

Meet Chris Campbell: M.A.B.S; M.A.P.C.

Chris is the founder of Generation Freedom and field staff member of Freedom in Christ Ministries U.S.A. Chris has over two decades of youth ministry experience and is currently involved in taking the message of freedom beyond the local church into some of the most marginalized spaces of teen culture in the United States.

He is also actively involved in youth and young adult ministry on a local, regional and national and international level. Generation Freedom is a ministry formed by a long time youth pastor with the unique perspective necessary to contextualize the biblical message of freedom to emerging adolescents.

Chris is an architect of Identity-Based Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Counseling for teens and young adults. Chris specializes in helping ministries and student para-church organizations weave the life changing principles of Freedom in Christ into an overall ministry strategy.


Email Chris:

9051 Executive Park Drive, Suite 503 • Knoxville, TN 37923 • 865.342.4000