A personal journey for leaders into greater freedom, fruitfulness, and disciple-making.


If so, you are invited to take part in TRANSFORM, an 8-month Freedom In Christ program to help you ground your leadership firmly in the Biblical principles of identity, freedom, and transformation. Our aim is to equip you to go even deeper in God at a personal level, confident that this will lead to greater influence and fruitfulness in your life and ministry.

Applications for Fall Transform are open now!


Freedom in Christ Ministries specializes in equipping Christian leaders worldwide to be all that God has called them to be and then releasing them to make the greatest possible Kingdom impact on earth.

In our experience, it is leaders who personally connect deeply with the core Biblical principles of identity, freedom, and transformation that withstand the schemes of the enemy and go on to make a real difference, becoming a leader who grows disciple-making disciples.

TRANSFORM will provide the necessary time and space in your schedule to engage at a deep level with life-and leadership-transforming truths. The program offers access to FIC resources embedded within a collaborative learning environment and 3 different Steps to Freedom in Christ appointments.

You’ll be experiencing TRANSFORM alongside other church and ministry leaders in various contexts; expect lasting and mutually beneficial friendships to form! During our time together, you will find an honest, “real” environment where you are not expected to perform but simply be yourself.

Your church or ministry is encouraged to support you as you go through TRANSFORM by providing the time and resources you need. It will be well worth it for them. After all, they can only progress as far as you can lead them and TRANSFORM will expand your capacity to lead effectively.

How will TRANSFORM be delivered?

You will engage with the program through different means including:

  • A schedule of self-study, homework and weekly meetings in your “Hub” (TRANSFORM group). Content is delivered both off-line and online through videos, Zoom meetings, assignments and discussions across three stages: REPOSITION, RETUNE, and REFOCUS.
  • Ensuring your foundation in Christ is securely in place through engaging with The Freedom In Christ Course and The Grace Course.
  • Two retreats, each focusing on deeper, personal transformation through His word and facilitated times of reflection and rest!
  • A core section of 11 weeks focused on becoming the leader that God has called you to be by unpacking Freedom in Christ’s Freed To Lead course and applying it in a structured way to your specific leadership context.
  • A “Give As You Get” track: it’s often the case that greater revelation and understanding of truth comes as you seek to teach it to others. Therefore, a key part of the program is supporting you with everything you need to teach one of FIC’s foundational courses to others. This could be your leadership team, elders or small group leaders.
  • Growing your leadership impact through understanding Biblical principles of leading corporate people-systems into greater health.

Who is this for?

The Transform Invitation

This invitation is for leaders who want to kick-start and accelerate the process of personal and corporate discipleship that bears much fruit. It’s an intentional, structured program that will strengthen what already exists and help make your ministry even more effective. TRANSFORM is not specifically designed for leaders who are in crisis. Nevertheless, if that’s you, you are welcome to join us. You will have the opportunity to share one-on-one in a confidential, caring environment; be reconnected with Jesus, Who is the Truth; and find freedom to journey on.

The Transform Commitment

For a church or ministry, it’s quite a commitment in both time and money to send its leader to TRANSFORM, but it will be a wise investment that will pay dividends in the coming years. Before you are accepted, we will want to make sure that enough time and space will be made available for you to engage with it on a weekly basis and to release you to go on 2 retreats within the year–one online retreat and one in-person retreat.

Course Structure

The Transform Program

Preparation | See Dates Below

Begin to engage with a recommended reading list of foundational FICM teaching resources including The Freedom in Christ Course, The Grace Course, and Freed to Lead. As a TRANSFORM participant, you will receive a 30% discount on all recommended reading from the FICM-US bookstore (


Reposition Stage

Become the son or daughter God chose you to be. No matter how short or how long your journey with Christ has been, we all need to make sure our core beliefs align with the truth of our new position of highest privilege in Christ. Stage 1 of TRANSFORM ensures the foundation blocks of who you are in Christ, what you have in Him, and who is responsible for what, are securely in place.

TRANSFORM participants will undertake the Freedom in Christ Course and Grace Course, connecting with other participants to explore and engage with the freedom message through an online forum overseen and facilitated by the FICM TRANSFORM team.

Reposition Retreat: Tools For Truth, Turning & Transformation


Retune Stage

Growing your leadership impact through understanding Biblical principles of leading corporate people-systems into greater health.


Refocus Stage

Our last stage focuses on creating a personal Transformational Action Plan (TAP) to sustain the rhythms developed during TRANSFORM and leaving a legacy to share with others in both the corporate and generational spheres.



Cost is $745 for access to all the online and small group training. All the materials for the course can be purchased by registered participants at our online bookstore in a bundle for $99.00 at the 35% discount.

There will be two retreats which are included in the cost. The Reposition Retreat will be an online retreat. The Retune Retreat is scheduled to be in person. The TRANSFORM participant is responsible for travel to the retreat, lodging and any associated costs.

You will not be asked to pay the registration cost until you have submitted your application and been approved to join the program. At that point, you will receive a link to register.

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