CFMA Portal

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Welcome to the CFMA Portal. This page is for those applying to become a CFMA and for current CFMAs to submit their annual documents.

For those applying to become a CFMA, here are the steps:

  1. Complete the Coordinator Track online courses in CFMU including the Entrance Exam, CFM 101, CFM 110, and CFM 201.
  2. Choose a Practicum site and inform the FIC office of your intent to attend.
  3. Submit the following forms:
    1. CFM Network Application
    2. CFM Action Plan
    3. CFMA Church leader Questionnaire (direct your pastor or ministry leader to fill out this one for you)
    4. Annual Acknowledgments – sign the Core Values and Statement Faith indicating you agree with our ministry beliefs.

If you have any question about submitting the forms to become a CFMA, please contact Autumn Winters at

For current CFMAs, we ask that you submit the following forms annually, normally in the Spring:


  1. Annual CFMA Contact Update – Submit a report of the ministry the Lord has been doing through you
  2. Annual Acknowledgments – Sign your Core Values and Statement of Faith

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