If you are interested in starting a Community Freedom Ministry (CFM) in your home church or hometown, you will want to enroll in the CFM University Coordinator Track. That track automatically enrolls you in CFM 101, CFM 110, and CFM 201.

CFM 101, “Establishing & Nurturing a Community Freedom Ministry”, provides the basic building blocks for launching a CFM and includes essential information on the distinctives of FICM; starting a prayer ministry to undergird your CFM; working effectively with church leaders; building a leadership team; developing a teaching and training template; and much more.

CFM 110 educates one in the use of a discipleship tool called The Steps to Freedom in Christ. During this course you will be familiarized with the tool and given helpful instruction in how to use it effectively. The course is divided into four modules with each module divided into four lessons. The textbook content is designed to follow the basic flow of the online training without simply duplicating what you will be learning online. This course is not a stand-alone course, it is only available as part of the Coordinator Track package.

CFM 201, “Building & Strengthening CFM Leadership” is a like a powerful personal retreat for CFM leaders. You will be encouraged to live out of and protect the new heart you have in Christ; you will understand principles of waging and winning spiritual battle in your CFM; you will learn the differences between freedom and maturity so you stay focused on God’s calling.

CFM 301 and CFM 302 are courses designed for those working with youth. CFM 301, “Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ” will equip you to minister effectively to teens in crisis through the Freedom in Christ approach. CFM 302, “Identity-Based Spiritual Formation” will guide you into how to establish an environment for youth (i.e. a youth group) where understanding one’s identity in Christ is foundational so that students grow up healthy and strong in Christ. Taught by FICM staff and Generation Freedom director, Chris Campbell, you will be challenged and encouraged in your own walk with God as you help teens in theirs.

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