Victory Series

What I have been blogging for the last year and a half is a new curriculum entitled the Victory Series. The only difference is the curriculum has study questions and each daily reading ends with a quote on the subject by one of the Church Fathers. There are eight books in the series, which can be used in six week segments. The first four books: God’s Story For You; Your Identity in Christ; Your Foundation in Christ; and Renewing Your Mind, will be available in September 2014. The final four books will be available in February 2015. The eight books make a complete systematic and practical theology, which will thoroughly ground Christians in their faith and instruct them how to resolve their personal and spiritual conflicts. The first two books focus more on being firmly rooted in Christ, the second two books on growing in Christ, the third two books on living in Christ, and the last two books focus on overcoming in Christ. Every phase of growth is dependent upon our union with God. We have to be connected to the source of life if we want to mature and bear fruit.

Starting Monday my blogs will be more interactive. I will try my best to give you biblical answers for any questions you raise. However, I will not counsel anyone via email, since partial information can lead to bad advice. The directors of Freedom in Christ Ministries in Mexico, William and Lourdes Gallardo, have been translating my blogs into Spanish. If you wish to ask a question in Spanish please respond to their blog (, and they will translate it for me.

The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in North Carolina has invited me to do an “intensive conference” June 29-July 3, 2015. They only offer two intensives a year, which are twice the length of their regular weekend conferences. The subject will be Discipleship Counseling. I would love to see you there.

Most of you know that my wife, Joanne, has been diagnosed with agitated dementia and she now resides in assisted living. I have been taking care of her for two and half years, but now she needs more help than I can give her. Thank you for your prayers.

Dr. Neil

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