The Pimp In the Mind

Rick’s wife was crushed by his confessions and filed for divorce. Rick again turned to God, and made a commitment to not get sexually involved during his 90 days of treatment. While he continued doing his devotions, seeking God’s guidance, and “witnessing” to others in the program, he got involved with yet another married woman at the treatment center.

Rick was riding a spiritual and emotional roller coaster. His convictions would drive him to break off relationships and return to the Lord. Then personal problems and depression would lead him back to the same old flesh patterns of sex and food. Rick explained his futile attempts to control his behavior:

The “pimp” in my mind repeatedly promised me fulfillment if I would only prostitute myself one more time. But the lies never fulfilled their promises. Life for me was like pushing a car. When things were going all right, it required only little effort. But every time I tried to push the car over the mountain of my sexual bondage, the car rolled back over me – leaving me desperate, hurt, and hopeless. I couldn’t stop this cycle no matter how much I sought God. My sexual addiction ruled everything in my life. I hated it, I knew it was destroying me from the inside out – but I kept heeding the pimp in my mind again, and again, and again.

Secular programs, such as the one Rick attended for three months, have no concept of God, nor would they have a clue that all their clients are in spiritual bondage. They will likely encourage them to seek forgiveness from the people they have hurt, and make retribution if appropriate, which is commendable. Unless they are thoroughly Christian, they don’t take the next step and help them forgive those who have offended them, which is often the biggest barrier to their freedom. Notice how we are taught to pray in Matt. 6:11-13, “Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven out debtors, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” Rick wasn’t being delivered from evil, because nobody had helped him forgive his grandmother and many others who had abused and rejected him in the past. Fortunately, Rick had a godly mother who encouraged him to attend my conference. During the conference his mind was harassed by sexual fantasies, but the idea that he could be free from that prompted him to make a personal appointment. His story tomorrow.

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