Strange Endorsements

Several years ago I was speaking at Expolit, which is the Spanish Books Sellers convention held every year in Miami. I was looking at the ministry booths when one of the exhibitors asked me if I was Neil Anderson. He has a radio ministry for Hispanics in the New York area, and also owns a Christian Book Store. He said, The most respected Christian lady in our local Hispanic church community was in my store recently. Looking at the shelves of books she suddenly stopped and said, “There they are! Those are the two books that God showed me in a dream that were going to set our people free.” She pointed to your two books, Victory Over the Darkness, and The Bondage Breaker.

When I was living in Carefree, Arizona a lady in our neighborhood tracked me down and treated Joanne and myself to lunch. She had been quite despondent lately, and during her morning devotions she asked God to give her some hope. Then she went for a walk in the desert. In a dry creek bed she saw a paperback book half buried in the sand. She picked it up and brushed it off. By “chance” she opened it up to a page of scriptural passages showing who we are in Christ. It makes me wonder who threw away that copy of The Bondage Breaker?

Jan Turner, one of our ministry associates called me this week and said, My friend Martie called the other morning. Her neighbor had come over in great distress, having lost her job. She was convinced that it was the worst day of her life and said, “I can’t get another job.” Martie has a little dog named Rudy. He was running around excitedly, as little dogs do when company comes! As the woman continued to bemoan her situation – Rudy ran over to the bookshelf, pulled out a book (not something he is in the habit of doing) and carried the book over and dropped it at the woman’s feet. Take a wild guess what the book was!! Victory Over the Darkness!

I was at a gym and heading toward a rowing machine. As I walked by the row of stationary bikes, I saw The Bondage Breaker on an empty bike seat. There was a man on the next bike reading another book as he peddled. I started to row and then asked him if that book on the seat was any good. He said, It’s awesome. Have you read it? I said, I’m glad to hear that. What are you reading? He said, Victory Over the Darkness. The book tells us who we are in Christ. Really, I said. Rowing was kind of easy that day.

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