Seeds of Destruction

British anthropologist, J.D. Unwin, studied 80 societies, analyzing their cultural beliefs and practices, especially as related to sex and marriage. He published his conclusions in 1934 in his book Sex and Culture. Whether or not a society had moved from an uncivilized state to a civilized state, and whether it was manifesting creative energy, was a direct product, Unwin said, of how sexually permissive the culture was. He defined this by identifying various degrees of “sexual opportunity.” The more sexual opportunity a society’s people had – that is, the fewer restraints placed upon sexual habits – the less energetic it would be. Unwin said, “In the records of history, indeed, there is no example of a society displaying great energy for any appreciable period unless it has been absolutely monogamous. Moreover, I do not know of a case in which an absolutely monogamous society has failed to display great energy.”

Pitirim A. Sorokin, who founded the sociology department at Harvard University wrote, The American Sex Revolution (1956). “Since a disorderly sexual life tends to undermine the physical and mental health, the morality, and the creativity of its devotees, it has a similar effect upon a society that is composed largely of profligates (grossly indulgent). And the greater the number of profligates, and the more debauched their behavior, the graver are the consequences for the whole society. And if sexual anarchists compose any considerable proportion of its membership, they eventually destroy the society itself.”

These men were not writing from a Christian perspective and their observations were made before the social upheavals of the 1960s. They are showing the social decline that was outlined by the apostle Paul in Romans 1:18-32. It begins by claiming to know God, but not honoring Him thus hardening their foolish hearts (21). “Professing to be wise, they became fools” (22). God then gives them over to the lusts of their hearts (24). They exchange the truth of God for a lie and worship and serve the creature rather than the creator (25). God then gives them over degrading homosexual passions (26,27). That leads to a depraved mind (28), which results in all kinds of immoral acts (29-32). If God is dealing with the USA as a nation, we are clearly seeing evidence of the last stage of moral decline.

Dr. Neil

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