Problems in the Pews

In 2003 I watched the 60 Minutes television program that had a segment on adult entertainment. The following is what they reported. In that year 11,000 new pornographic videos were produced and that industry employs more people than all the other major studios combined. More money is spent on adult entertainment than all combined professional sports. Over fifty percent of all hotel guests will use the adult entertainment that is available in every room. If you put the word “sex” in a computer search engine like Google, you would get 180 million hits. That was in 2003. When I sent that information to the UK two years later our director said the number had increased to 360 million. When I sent the manuscript for Winning The Battle Within to the publisher with that number, they updated my manuscript, because the number had increased to just under a billion!

If there are sixteen people sitting on one row in any church, two are struggling with sexual identity confusion. They are not gay, but they are struggling with the issue on a personal level. Another four people on the same row have been sexually abused, and there is a good chance that the first two mentioned have been abused as well. In addition to those six, another four people are in sexual bondage, and that is true of every row in every church in America. That means that 10 out of 16 people attending church are not experiencing their freedom in Christ and therefore not growing on that issue alone.

I really hate to be so blunt about our current status, but the problem is so serious that if we don’t do something to help these people, our collective future looks bleak. I believe that God loves all those in sexual bondage and His grace is sufficient to set them free. In the next few weeks we will explore that, and I hope you share the information with your friends.

Dr. Neil

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