Overcoming Helplessness

A bright light suddenly awakened a man in his room and the Lord spoke to him in the midst of it. I have work for you to do, He said. Then the Savior showed him a large rock and told him to push on it with all his might, and this he did. For months the man faithfully pushed on that rock, but it never moved. The man began to get the impression that the task was impossible and that he was an unworthy servant, because he was unable to move the stone. Lord, he said, I have labored hard and long in your service and I have not even nudged that rock one inch. What is wrong? Am I failing You?

The Lord answered: My son, I asked you to serve and you accepted. I told you to push on the rock and this you have done. But never once did I mention that I expected you to move the rock, at least not by yourself. Now you come to Me discouraged, feeling like a failure and ready to quit. But is that so? Look at yourself. Your body is strong and muscled. Through opposition you have grown much and you are now better able to face the challenges before you. I, my son, will move the rock. All I asked of you was to trust Me and obey.

God saved the Israelites from Egypt and led them through the wilderness to the Promised Land. Imagine their dismay when ten of the spies came back and gave a bad report. “We can’t attack those people; they are stronger than we are” (Nu. 13:31). Their present circumstances were sparse and now they lost their hope for the future. They felt helpless, but two of the spies didn’t see it that way. Joshua and Caleb saw the land as exceedingly good. As for the enemy, they could see with the eyes of faith that their protection was gone and the Lord was with His people. God would win their battles for them. They had to overcome their fears by trusting God and obeying His word.

Have you ever felt helpless in this fallen world? How should we respond when the government turns a deaf ear to the Church, or when other people show contempt for the Lord? Is it our job to take on the government, and change those who are blasphemous? Those who try will either become angry controllers or depressed. If you want to feel helpless and depressed, then try assuming God’s responsibility for Him. It is not our responsibility to change the world. It is our responsibility to trust and obey, and become the person God called us to be. No Christian is ever helpless if they live in the will of an omnipotent God.

Dr. Neil

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