Motivational Gifts

Gift (charisma) stems from God’s grace (charitos). His grace is manifested to others as we use the gift that God has bestowed upon us to serve one another. We should do so with the strength that God provides. Peter divides the gifts into two groups, service and speaking (1 Pet. 4:7-11). Paul in Romans 12:4-8 gives a more complete list. You will be motivated by the grace of God to serve the body of Christ in one of the following seven ways:

1.      Gift of prophecy: Prophecy literally means to speak forth the mind and counsel of God. It can mean to speak before time or before people. The primary emphasis is on the proclamation of God’s word. People with this gift are motivated to help people live a righteous life.

2.      Gift of serving: This gift enables people to help others. People with the gift of serving are motivated to respond to the needs of others in a practical way.

3.      Gift of encouragement or exhortation: People with this gift encourage others to live out their faith according to God’s word. They are motivated to communicate God’s word in such a way that people listen and want to respond.

4.      Gift of teaching. The person with this gift is concerned about the authority of Scripture and doctrinal accuracy. They are motivated to rightly divide the word of truth and correct doctrinal error.

5.      Gift of giving: People with this gift contribute to the financial needs of others, and the Church. They are motivated to be a good steward of the financial resources necessary to complete the mission of the Church.

6.      Gift of leadership or administration: People with this gift provide the leadership and organizational structure necessary for effective ministry. They are motivated to organize the efforts of the Church for maximum efficiency.

7.      Gift of mercy: This gift causes one to feel deeply the spiritual and emotional needs of others. They are motivated to relieve pain and suffering and provide comfort through prayer and personal assistance.

Every one of the above motivational gifts is needed in the body of Christ. The different emphasis of each gift provides for a balanced ministry. We need to contribute to the body of Christ by that which motivates us and receive from others that which motivates them.

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