Making Wise Decisions

The wise person knows the will of God; the successful person lives it. If you are trying to discern God’s will and make wise decisions, consider the following questions:

1.      Have I prayed about it? The first thing a Christian does about anything is pray and seek His Kingdom. Recall that the Lord’s Prayer begins with a petition to establish His kingdom and do His will.

2.      Is it consistent with the word of God? The majority of God’s will for our lives has already been revealed in His Word. According to the courts of our land, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Make it your habit to consult the Bible when making decisions.

3.      Does this decision or choice compromise my Christian witness? If the choice you are considering requires you to compromise your witness or integrity, then the answer is no. The end does not justify the means.

4.      Will the Lord be glorified? Are you seeking the glory of man or the glory of God? Can you do it and glorify God in your body? Are you concerned about God’s reputation or yours? Will this build His kingdom or yours?

5.      Am I choosing and acting responsibly? What are my responsibilities and what would be the most responsible course of action to take? You cannot be in God’s will and shirk your responsibility.

6.      Is it reasonable? God expects us to think. His guidance may transcend human reasoning, but it never excludes it. God doesn’t bypass our minds. He operates through them. Our Lord is a rational God and His ways are reasonable.

7.      Does a realistic opportunity exist? Closed doors are not meant to be broken down. If you have a hopeless scheme, let it go. If a realistic opportunity exists, and all the other factors are in agreement, then step out in faith. God opens windows of opportunity, but they may close if not taken advantage of.

8.      Are unbiased, spiritually sensitive associates in agreement? Be careful not to consult only with those who are inclined to agree with you, or those who are afraid to be honest with you. Give them permission to ask hard questions and the right to disagree without recrimination.

9.      Do I have a sanctified desire to do it? The greatest joy in life is to serve God and be in His will. You should feel good about doing God’s will and want nothing less. If you delight yourself in the Lord, His desires will be your desires.

10.      Do I have a peace about it? You should sense an inner confirmation if you are in God’s will and a troubled spirit if you aren’t.

Dr. Neil

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